Palo Azul Green Juice Recipe

palo azul tea green juice

76 calories, super nutritious, and delicious!

I’m a HUGE fan of green juices and have experimented with many recipes. Here I will share my favorite recipe that I drink almost every day because it is supercharged with nutrients and has only 76 calories. I blend all the ingredients and drink it with the fiber but if you prefer you can remove the pulp with a colander or you can use a juicer instead of a blender.

Palo azul and all these ingredients have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and diuretic properties. These beneficial properties help you detox your body, lose weight, boost your immune system, and they help keep you young and healthy.


palo azul tea green juice recipe fruits spinach celery

1 cup of spinach = 36 calories

2-4 stalks of celery = 15 calories

1/2 cup (60g) strawberries & blueberries (or 1 apple) = 50 calories

1 teaspoon of cocoa = 10 calories

1 glass of tea Palo Azul = 0 calories

(Optional) 1 teaspoon of ginger or turmeric 

(Optional) A teaspoon of cayenne pepper to add a spicy flavor 

These are the percentages of the nutrients based on the daily recommended levels 

celerystrawberriespalo azul tea

= only 110 calories!


These are the percentages of nutritional values based on the daily recommended intakes:

76 calories

1020% Vitamin K

141% Vitamin C

105% Vitamin A

101% Manganese

25% Vitamin E

84% Folate 

41% Magnesium 

36% Iron 

34% Copper 

37% Vitamin B2 

30% Vitamin B6

24% Potassium 

10% Fiber 


Now you see why it’s my favorite? In addition to all these nutrients, I get the incredible benefits of palo azul and that's why I try to drink this recipe every day of the week!


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