How Much Palo Azul Should you Drink?

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It depends on your goal...

Traditionally, it's recommended to drink between 1–3 cups a day every day. This of course will depend on your goal, your gender, weight, and the amount of exercise you do. Palo azul tea has zero calories and zero caffeine, so you could drink a good amount daily.

palo azul how much to drinkpalo azul how much to drinkpalo azul how much to drink


A 2002 study mentions that "this plant is used in traditional medicine, for this purpose the wood is boiled with water to produce a golden colored liquid, with a blue fluorescence of which the patients drink a cup daily."

Additionally, a 2008 study mentions the following: "For ingestion purposes, the wood chips are brought to boil in water to produce a golden-colored liquor having a light blue fluorescence, from which the sick can take two or three cups a day."



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If your goal is to help your body detoxify, then we recommend drinking around 3 cups daily. We usually drink more palo azul tea during the weekends to counteract the negative effects from consuming processed foods, refined sugar, and alcohol. Many studies have shown that palo azul tea is a powerful antioxidant, therefore it helps to scavenge free radicals and inhibit oxidative stress, both of which can be caused by processed foods and alcohol. 



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If your goal is to include palo azul tea as part of a healthy would be ideal to add exercise to your routine. When we exercise, the body eliminates toxins in the body and our system cleanses itself without the need for food or detoxification products. However, studies have shown that palo azul is an alkaline tea because it has electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium which are essential for hydration. For this reason, we often drink palo azul tea before and during our workouts.


Shelf life

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If the tea is stored in the fridge, we've noticed that it's good for upto 2–3 weeks. Interestingly, a 2021 study on palo azul found that "above 95% of the original amounts of flavanones remained in the solution after 5 days storage" and it "showed great short-term stability." This means that palo azul tea will retain its antioxidant capacity decently well after being prepared. 

We love palo azul tea's refreshing earthy flavor and it makes us feel great, so we usually prepare around 2–3 gallons at a time and I keep it in a glass pitcher. This usually lasts us around 4–5 days and we all feel better than ever! 

It’s perfect for us because we love sharing palo azul tea when friends come to visit and they’re always surprised by the amazing blue fluorescence. They usually like it so much that we go deep into conversation about palo azul and why they have never heard of this tea in their lives! 😊 


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