Why is Palo azul Not Turning Blue?

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There are 3 reasons...

1. Before anything, try to shine a flashlight on the palo azul tea or put it in a place where it can absorb light. Palo azul’s blue color is produced by the phenomenon of fluorescence, which means that it absorbs light (or electromagnetic radiation) and emits an incident radiation of a shorter wavelength.

This is why your palo azul tea might not look blue sometimes, you have to let it absorb light :)

Here, you can see how palo azul's fluorescence shines intensely because of the sunlight which feeds it.

palo azul fluorescence

* Fun fact: This same phenomenon that gives palo azul its blue color is also what gives Aurora Borealis its extraordinary beauty. Aurora Borealis also absorbs sunlight and other energy from outer space through Earth’s magnetic field.

It captures energy particles from the Sun and when these particles reach Earth’s magnetic field, they strike the atoms with such force that its electrons are excited into a higher energy state.

It's this microscopic turmoil, miles above the Earth's surface, that gives the northern lights their eerie glow.

aurora borealis fluorescence

If you tried shining light onto your palo azul and it still isn't blue, then there may be 2 other reasons why your palo azul does not look blue.

2. Maybe you didn't use enough palo azul for the amount of water that you prepared. In this case, you can try adding more palo azul and boil it again.

3. Lastly, it could be that the concentration of flavonoids in the palo azul tea that you purchased is too low. Flavonoids are natural products which are synthesized by plants to fight off bacteria and radiation. They are also responsible for palo azul’s (and many other plant's and animal's) fluorescence.

If this is the case, you should probably buy your palo azul from a different source next time. 

fluorescent jellyfish

* Here's a bonus tip: If you're palo azul turned out too dark and you want it to look like the pictures above, dilute it with water to have a lighter blue color.

    We source our product exclusively from palo azul farms which we have personally tested and we've ensured that it has an optimal flavonoid concentration, so it will always look beautiful, blue and magical :)

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