Mother Nature's Most Magical Tea

Palo azul means "blue stick", and it gets its name because the bark of the plant is used to brew an incredible blue fluorescent tea! Palo azul's fluorescence is caused by flavonoids, which are polyphenols that plants produce to fight stress.

These fluorescent flavonoids which make palo azul tea blue, are also what make it healthy. Mother Nature truly had perfection in mind when it created this magical tea!

The Only Fluorescent Tea in the World

There are many teas... but only one tea can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Only one tea looks so beautiful and majestic that it was given as a gift to royalty...and only one tea can make you fall in love at first sight. That's because palo azul is the only fluorescent tea in the world!

Life's Too Short for Average

When you see palo azul in person, you’ll see that this isn’t just any truly is a magical tea. And once you experience palo azul, tea will never be the same again!

We believe that life's too short for average, so if we're going to drink tea, we might as well drink the most magical tea in the world!

Key for Health


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Palo Azul Tea - Organic - 5 oz (75 cups)
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I’m in awe at how amazing nature is. I love this blue color that comes out! The health benefits are amazing

Alice Guzman

Look at that blue! No its not photoshop. All natural wood tea for those of us looking for a natural way to stay healthy

Shaenna Ray

I love this tea!! It's not only magical in appearance, the benefits are incredible! It tastes so nice too. We drink it daily. So grateful to have found it

Melo Lavandeira

The most precious tea, amazing benefits and I love to drink it every day

Ricardo M.

I am so mesmerized by the heavenly blue of this palo azul infusion

Claire T.

Shines milky blue under the light, it’s kinda rad

Bianca Alba

My favorite is this Palo Azul. Yes, it is bright blue in color!

Julian Tcherassi Magiktea founder

Why Magiktea?

Our Story

Impossible Exists Only in Your Imagination

It seems impossible that you could witness the same phenomenon that causes the Aurora borealis unfolding right before your a cup of tea. But the impossible exists only in your imagination, and anything is possible with a little magic! 😉

Palo Azul's Incredible Story

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  • Mother Nature's Most Magical Tea

  • It's Not Just Any Tea...

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Mother Nature's Most Magical Tea


It's Not Just Any Tea...


It's Magik!