Why Magiktea?

I just couldn't believe that so many people didn't know about this magical, fluorescent and healthy tea called palo azul. Every person that I showed palo azul was amazed by it and everyone asked me, “how have I never heard of this tea before!?” 

I asked myself that same question, and I realized that the same awe and happiness that I felt every time I drank palo azul tea was missing in other people’s lives. The same health benefits that I get from it, should be enjoyed by everybody.

Palo azul has the same health benefits as one of the world’s healthiest drinks, green tea...but with palo azul you get to experience something that no other drink in the world can provide.... Limitless beauty.

palo azul fluorescence aurora

I felt like I had to share palo azul with others because I believe that everyone deserves the privilege to experience mother nature’s most magic tea. But this wasn’t just about sharing a cool looking tea...we’re sharing health.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the most magical tea in the world, and with this great fortune, came an even greater sense of duty to share it with as many people as possible. My wish is that the same happiness and health that the beautiful splendor of palo azul brings to me, can be experienced by people everywhere.

palo azul fluorescence aurora borealis

Right now, we live in a world in which a healthy, fluorescent tea that looks like the Aurora Borealis exists only in our imaginations...We want to change that world. Because the impossible exists only in our imagination...and anything is possible with a little magic! ;)

That’s why I started Magiktea. To share palo azul, so that everyone can enjoy the magic of the only fluorescent tea in the world.

- Julian Tcherassi


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