Palo Azul Benefits

Potassium-Saving Diuretic

Several studies showed that palo azul tea exhibited diuretic activity. One study found that palo azul is a "potassium-sparing diuretic", which means that it flushes out toxins without electrolyte loss because it spares potassium, so it doesn't lead to dehydration.


Studies have found that palo azul tea has a small amount of potassium, which gives it "alkalinizing nature" in the body.  Many studies have shown that alkaline drinks are beneficial for hydration, digestion and dental health.

Caffeine Free

Palo azul tea is caffeine-free, so it's great for later in the day or whenever you need a break from caffeine. There's nothing wrong with caffeine, but when consumed in excess, studies show that it may lead to insomnia, anxiety and digestive issues.

Top Reasons to Buy Organic Palo Azul

We source our palo azul from a USDA organic certified suppler, so the plant is grown harmoniously as nature intended. Not only is organic better because it doesn't have pesticides and heavy's also better for the farmers, the environment, and the sustainable agriculture of plants!